Green screen studio or portable studio

MediaFX have our own fully equipped studio on the sunshine coast at Noosa
plus a variety of portable studio setups available Australia wide for productions of any size
as you see with the advert below filmed in a portable studio at the tennis centre in Melbourne

our new studio in the noosa area

a large professional studio for film
a large professional photography studio for hire

Portable studio

with our portable studio set up we can deliver the services that are good for everybody, your talent has minimal disruption to there busy schedules
there is no limitation, at MediaFX we carry the equipment to shoot feature length films


we take care of the studio , the lighting, the camera equipment, and any specialist needs such as high frame rate shooting and creative director

International assistance

This Tennis shoot was part of an International collaberation whereby MediaFX supplied crew and equipment for this worldwide advert
filmed over 5 days with celebrity tennis stars watch out for the finished advert on TV soon

Infinity high key studio

at MediaFX we have the options for you to have high key and low key backdrops as well as the chroma key green or blue screen

Studio hire

we hire our studio from $300 with lighting
great for photographers as well as video production, it is cool and quiet with insulation

Makeup and lighting

MediaFX have our own industry professional makeup artists and professional feature film Gaffers for lighting to ensure you look great

its there if you need it

MediaFX have our own equipment from lighting to Camera cranes
what does that matter for our clients
they dont have to pay hire fees

its there if you need it

MediaFX have our own professional Teleprompter for you to use if you like,
it can be used in studio and in the field at events
with a 17 inch screen it can be used up to 6 metres